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自己为各位收拾出匈牙利(Hungary卡塔尔语面试最广大的五大主题材料,而且提醒各位一些作答的才具,希望我们能针对这个难题多排练,当成练习立陶宛共和国(Republic of Lithuania卡塔尔语面试的要害。

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 难题风流浪漫:Could you please describe yourself?(能不可能请你勾勒一下和好?卡塔尔国

The Top 10 Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them Correctly

No matter what kind of job interview you have coming up, it’s likely they will ask
you several of these questions, if not all of them. So I want to share with you my
best tips for answering these top 10 interview questions.

These are the 10 most common questions a hiring manager, recruiter, or
interviewer will most likely ask you on a first, second, or even third job interview.
To make answering these top 10 questions easy for you, I’m going to break down
each question in to all the Do’s and Don’ts so it will be blatantly obvious how to
answer them, and as equally important, how NOT to answer them.

Since these are the most popular interview questions, you’ve probably seen or
heard of them before, and you may think you know how to answer them. These
questions have been around for a long time and interviewers have been asking
them since people started interviewing for jobs. Even though they are old
questions, one thing has changed: The best way to answer them for the current
times. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, your answer to any of these top 10 questions
would have been different than the way you would answer it today in 20xx. And
I’m going to show you how to answer these questions for current times.

No doubt, there are many other questions you will be asked on your interview,
but these are the root questions. You need to know these. Once I show you how
to answer these top 10 questions, I’ll show you where you can a complete list of
other common interview questions and answers with a break‐down on the best
way to answer each one.

So let’s get started.

本条主题素材,一来是想要理解你是怎么的人,二来是想看看您是还是不是知晓怎么样着重式地本身简单介绍。 在回复时,要本着响应征询职业的属性来彰显温馨的特性,能够多用形容词,况兼引用过去的行事阅历,可是不要谈起公司集体的称号,再者,你仍可以够商量现在的活计规画;但后生可畏旦您是个社会新鲜人,就足以谈谈在校时的丰功卓著的业绩。 譬喻说,前几天你准备去当兵行销的地点,你就足以说︰ I am creative andmotivated. I worked on several major marketing projects with positiveresults. I am now looking for a challenging marketing position in anestablished company. (笔者有新意、又积极。曾担任数项大型的行销项目,都有作用。笔者以后愿意在一家深具规模的公司内,担负有挑衅性的行销职分。卡塔尔国

1. Tell Me About Yourself.

This is probably one of the oldest interview questions ever, but I guarantee it will
come up at every interview you have for the rest of your career. Plus, it’s not just
for job interviews either. I’ve been asked this question in sales meetings,
luncheons, and even while shopping for a new car. How you answer it depends on
the context in which the question is asked.
Obviously, I’m going to cover it from the job interview point of view. Don’t just
think you know how to answer this because your answer could negatively affect
whether or not you get the job. You want to take your time and practice what
you’ll say when answering this Top 10 question. Even seasoned professionals who
have been interviewing for 20+ years still fumble their answer to this question
which is why you want to be prepared.

 难点二:Why do you think we should employ you?(你以为大家为啥要聘用你?卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎

DO THIS when answering: Tell me about yourself.

  • Keep your answer brief and related to your career and the position.
  • Keep your answer on topic and work related while talking about your

Tell your interviewer how you got started in your profession, perhaps where you
went to school or what got you interested in your profession in the first place,
and then gloss over a few jobs and tell them what you like about your profession
and where you see yourself heading. Tell them of a few things you learned along
the way and how those things have strengthened you.

  • Before your interview, and even during the interview, find out what they
    are looking for in the ideal candidate for this position. This could be
    experience, leadership capabilities, management qualities, technical skills,
    etc. Find out what is important to them and weave those things into the
    fabric of your answer. That way, you sound exactly like the person they are
    looking to hire.

雇主问此难点,希望您计划求证自身是最棒人选,并且测量试验你是否熟练响应征询职分的干活内容。 回答时,要迎合该店肆对该职位的盼望,可是切记别给人放肆高傲的纪念。要是你明天要服役机械工程的行事,你就可以说︰ I am suitable for the position,not only because I have a masters degree in mechanical engineering, butalso because I have worked in this 田野(field)for more than five years. I believe that my experience can be put to use in further developing your business. (小编很合乎该职分,不只因为本身有机械工程学的大学生学位,更因为作者在该行当已经有四年多的职业经验,笔者言听计用,作者的经验得以派上用处,进一层推向贵集团的职业。卡塔 尔(英语:State of Qatar)


  • Don’t give them your life story ‐ this is of no interest to them. Doing so will
    derail your interview faster than you can “Next…”
  • Don’t bring up un‐related experience when changing careers, it’s pointless
    unless you are tying in transferable experience.
  • Don’t end your answer with a question back to the interviewer. Some
    people think this makes the applicant look smarter when they ask a follow‐
    up question after delivering their answer, but for the most part, I think it’s a
    poor strategy unless a follow‐up question presents itself naturally.

标题三:What classes did you like best back in school?(在母校你最赏识哪门课?卡塔 尔(英语:State of Qatar)

Don’s advice for you:

Practice your answer to this top 10 interview question in
front of a video camera without a script. Cover the three main points:

  • 1.) Talk about your journey and how you got started
  • 2.) Talk about what you learned along the way
  • 3.) Talk about what you are looking for and where you see your career heading.

Get your answer down to 30‐45 seconds at the most. Keep watching your video
and polishing your answer until you can deliver it flawlessly. And when I say
flawlessly, I don’t mean from memory, but deliver it naturally, and it should
sound slightly different each time you say it.
TIP: These answers are very short and meant to get you started with your story.
Don’t make your story fit these answers. Write your own answer and then

那时,雇主想打听你的读书才能,以至你风乐趣的专门的工作课程是不是跟职业扯得下面;其余,个人在念书进度的好恶,会反馈在不相同的专门的职业岗位上。 回答时,一定要表示友好以好学著称,喜欢读书新知,极其是与响应征得工作有关的课程。倘令你明日要入伍会计的做事,你就能够回答 Statistics, accounting and calculus were my favorite subjects because I am good at crunching numbers. (计算、会计与微积分是自己最心爱的科目,因为本人对于总计复杂的数字很内行。卡塔尔国

Sample Answers to: Tell Me About Yourself:

  1. I graduated from Harvard with a business degree and currently work as an
    intern at Hearst publishing company. What I enjoy most about my work
    with them is the fast paced environment, which is something that appeals
    to me about the idea of working here.
  2. I grew up in a small town and always dreamed of ‘making it’ in the big city. I
    graduated at the top of my class and worked my way through a few years
    of entry‐level jobs to gain the necessary skills to qualify me for thismarketing position. I would say my work ethic and determination are what
    have gotten me to this point and will help me be successful here.
  3. Serving other people has always come naturally to me. Even as a child I was
    very protective of my friends and volunteered when they needed help. This
    is my dream to work for a non‐profit that helps feed the world and provide
    shelter to those in desperate need of it.

  4. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Unless you’re still working, you are going to get asked this question. Even if you
are working, they will ask you why you want to leave. But more often than not, if
you are not working, chances are that you were laid off, terminated, or quit. You
just have to let them know the reasoning behind why you are not working at your
most recent job.
If you left of your own free will, then explain why you left and what your plans
were in doing so. If you were fired for performance reasons, a simple explanation
is all that is needed, but make sure this will not affect the requirements for this
new job. If you were laid off, let them know several members of your team were
laid off due to the economy and slowing product sales. But warm that up a bit and
put it into your own words so it makes sense.

 难题四:What do you think are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? (你自认本身最大的优瑕疵分别为啥?卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎

DO THIS when answering: Why did you leave your last job?

  • If you left of your own free will, tell them why you left and reflect positively
    on your former employer. Tell them it was a hard decision to make but you
    felt it was the right choice for you.
  • If you were fired, be as brief as possible in your explanation and accept
    responsibility for what happened.
  • If you were laid off due to downsizing or the economy then tell them this as
    long as it’s true.

 雇主问那样的主题素材,目的在于探知你是否有丰裕的小编认知,以至你是不是是该地点的不二个人选。 在回复时,分寸的拿捏很要紧,因为谈及优势时,不指望本身听上去自豪;相反地,把温馨的短处生龙活虎一点出,又显得本人无能。 笔者提出各位,不要否定本人有通病, 你能够建议意气风发四个与办事无关的短处,再拉长与地点有关的优势。 比如说您能够回复︰My greatest weakness is that I value leisure time spent with my family and therefore I treasure my weekends and free time in the evenings. My greatest strength is my commitment to work. I strive for excellence and always try to do my best. (笔者最大的症结是本身尊重与家里人相处的空余时光,所以笔者很珍视周日与夜间复苏的小时。笔者最大的独特之处是自己对职业的执着,小编追求杰出,总是努力把职业做得美貌。卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎


  • Don’t bad mouth your past company, boss or co‐workers
  • Don’t say that the pay was bad and you wanted more money.
  • Don’t say that the hours were terrible.
  • Don’t say that you could not get along with your manager.
  • Don’t lie if you were terminated.
  • Don’t defend yourself or place blame on the employer.

难点五:What do you think are your strongest skills?(你以为你最强的本事是怎么?卡塔 尔(英语:State of Qatar)

Don’s advice for you:

Remember, you are not there to defend why you were
fired. You are there talk about what you can do for them, so it’s very important
to keep your answer brief when answering this question. If they want to know
more, they will ask you, but don’t volunteer too much information because it
will make them more cautious about you. More than anything, if you were fired,
accept responsibility for what happened because this shows courage and then
explain that they were right and you were wrong, but that you learned from this
experience and are a better person because of it.

雇主如此一问,后生可畏想打听你的专门的学问工夫是还是不是合乎岗位的必要,二是期待更进一层地通晓,你是还是不是能够评析本人的力量。当回答那些主题材料时,必定要针对响应搜求工作的特征以至需求应对,那样公司才会以为你对他们是有利润的。 要是你前不久要从军客服人士的做事,你就足以应对 My strongest skills are handling complaints with great patience. I think solving customer complaints is a wonderful way to win customer loyalty, and I am happy to deal with any problems people may have. (作者最强的看家本领技能就是耐性地管理抱怨,小编感觉抱怨是获取花费者忠诚度的好情势,笔者也很乐于消弭大家蒙受的主题素材。)

Sample answers to: Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

  1. The position I held previously was stagnant and there weren’t any
    opportunities for growth within the company. I strive for continuous
    improvement and career growth, so it’s important to me that I find that in
    my next position.
  2. Print media across the country is turning to digital so the company had to
    downsize, which resulted in my entire team being laid off. I really enjoyed
    my time there and hope to find a similar work environment here.
  3. I’m generally very punctual, but I was let go from my previous job because I
    arrived late to work a few too many times because I had a sick family
    member to care for. But my now my mom has passed away and I don’t
    have any other morning commitments, so my tardiness will no longer be an
    issue for my employer. This experience has opened my eyes to the
    importance of making the most of your time and respecting others by
    showing up on time.

  4. Describe a Difficult Problem You Were

Faced With in Your Career and What You
Did to Overcome it…
Although the interviewer asked how “you” dealt with or solved the problem, he
really wants to hear how you worked with a team of people to tackle the issue.
This is a problem solving question that tests your critical thinking skills in two
ways: Your definition of difficult and how you handled the situation.
This is a great question to show that you are a creative and capable problem
solver. You should have at least one of these stories ready to go all the time.

主题材料六:Why do you want to work for us?(你怎么想要替大家做事?卡塔尔国

DO THIS when answering: Describe a difficult problem and how you dealt with it.

  • Prove you are capable of handling any problem that may arise in your new
  • Your story should be one in which you were put in a tough position and
    analyzed and discussed the problem, reached a conclusion, and came out
    on top.
  • Be concise.
  • Talk about the people you had to work with, what was expected of them,
    and how you tied it all together to reach your goal.
  • Your best selling point in answering this question is a success story. The
    story you tell should demonstrate that you have everything required to
    excel at this job.

总裁问你那么些主题素材有七个目标:第风流倜傥,他们想要知道您对公司明白的档期的顺序;第二,他们想清楚您是不是是真心真意地期望替该铺面服务。借使一位神秘工作者能够显现丰硕的向心力,愿意奉献,得到重用的机率相对就能够巩固。 在到别的杂货店面试以前,应当要事前作好功课,对现役的市廛、与办事内容要特别清楚。提醒各位一点,假诺您之所以想要有些地方,是因为薪水非常高,千万别在回复时提到那或多或少,免得雇主会感觉你眼中唯有钱。你能够那样回答: Your company is a renowned leader in the industry and has high growth potential. 贵集团是产业界知名龙头之豆蔻梢头,成长潜质十足。 I wish to work for an established company where my talents and expertise can be fully put to use. 笔者期待在一家深具规模的营业所里干活,这样作者的技巧与擅长便能完全派上用途。 It seems clear to me that your company can challenge my abilities and provide a good opportunity for professional development. 作者深知,贵公司能够激情自己的技艺,并且提供自个儿正式成长的好时机。


  • Don’t say bad things about past colleagues, managers, or your company.
  • Don’t tell them a rambling story that jumps from one story to the next.
  • Don’t tell them how you fixed a light bulb or un‐jammed the copy machine.
  • Avoid telling a personal story, unless you have nothing else.

题材七:How much do you know about our company?(你对本公司了然多少?卡塔尔

Don’s advice for you:

The best way to answer this top 10 question is by using a
good team player example. Maybe you had to work with some very difficult
people to accomplish a project or task that no one else wanted to work with,
but you were able to get everyone working together to complete the project
with a tight deadline while keeping everyone in line and getting the whole
project completed on‐time and under budget. You want to setup your answer
using the S.T.A.R. behavioral method where you talk about the Situation, the
Action you took, and the Results you achieved.

实际上,那几个难点跟难点六有一点像,意在测量试验你对集团的刺探程度,看看你在面试前的功课是不是有做足,假设您在宏观空空、毫无打算的景观之下去面试,对该市区肆与地方不学无术,当然被录用的机率就能够相对变低。 在去面试前,有部分作业必要求思谋丰富:第风姿浪漫,行当方向与该铺面在行当中的定位,与该商家的中坚背景与演化;第二,响应搜求职责的从头到尾的经过,以至该公司现在成长的大方向。 如若你想参军Computer零器件物流方面包车型地铁做事,你可以回答: Ive read the annual reports of your company of the past three years, and I have come to realize that your company enjoys leadership in domestic distribution of computer parts. 小编阅读了贵公司过去六年的年报,我精通贵公司是本国Computer零器件的物流龙头。 Ibelieve that my management experience will be an asset to your company. 小编深信,作者的拘留经历对贵公司会是项资本。

Sample answers to: Describe a Difficult Problem You Faced…,

  1. As a new team lead with my previous company I made the sad discovery
    that several workers were being dishonest in their communications with
    our clients. I took the information I had to my superior and worked with
    him to develop a fair consequence for those involved. I lost a few friends
    but gained the respect of my team.
  2. During the summer I volunteered as a teacher assistant and had a student
    write offensive notes while peer editing another student’s essay. I took the
    matter to the teacher and we met with the student after class to address
    the deeper issue behind his notes.
  3. At the last minute my coworker quit, leaving a huge project for me to do on
    my own. There wasn’t time to postpone the event so I had to buckle down
    and finish the preparations on my own.

  4. What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

They are asking you this in a broad sense. So ask yourself: What are you best at

  • Are you a good leader?
  • Are you a skilled time manager?
  • Are you a great communicator?
  • Are you a detailed planner?- Are you good at convincing others?
    Whatever you are best at doing, give the interviewer the top 2 or 3 things you
    excel at.

面试小技巧 Here are good answers to some of the tougher questions asked in job interviews. If you can smoothly supply answers like these during the interview, you are bound to make a good impression.

DO THIS when answering: What are your greatest strengths?

  • Research the job description to find out what they are looking for and
    leverage your strengths to match.
  • If leadership is something they are looking for talk about your experience as
    a leader and projects you have successfully led.
  • Your strengths should be aligned with the requirements of the position you
    are applying for.
  • Talk about your strengths as a solution to their problems.
  1. What is important to you in a job? Mention specific rewards other than a paycheck for example, challenge, the feeling of accomplishment, and knowing that you have made a contribution.

  2. Why do you want to work for this organization? Cite its reputation, the opportunities it offers, and the working conditions. Stress that you want to work for this organization, not just any organization.

  3. Why should we employ you? Point to your academic preparation, job skills, and enthusiasm about working for the firm. Mention your performance in school or previous employment as evidence of your ability to learn and to become productive quickly. If the job involves management responsibilities, refer to past activities as proof of your ability to get along with others and to work as part of a team.


  • Don’t rattle of a list of strengths that are out of context with the job.
  • Don’t list personal strengths, like that you’re a good parent.
  • Don’t list strengths that you are unable to articulate through work
  • Don’t say you’re not sure.
  • Don’t tell them you don’t have any.
  • Don’t be modest when you answer because this is an opportunity to sell

 4. If we hire you, how long will you stay with us? Answer  by saying along these lines: "As long as my position here allows me to learn and to advance at a pace with my abilities."

Sample answers to: What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

  1. I always begin with the end in mind. When given a task I start by reviewing
    the long‐term goals and then work backwards to establish what my daily
    routine should be in order to accomplish the task. This has allowed me to
    be a very successful leader in previous roles.
  2. I take punctuality very seriously, I make it a habit to arrive 10 minutes early
    to every appointment. Another strength I possess is making the most of my
    time. I dedicate every minute of my work day to accomplishing my responsibilities in order to be the most effective employee I can be.
  3. I’m a naturally outgoing person and genuinely care about other people’s
    lives. As a software sales rep in elementary education, this helps me to
    create a genuine relationship with my customers in elementary schools,
    and as a result, they keep coming back to me.

  4. Why Do You Want to Work Here?

This is a genuine question and all they want to know is what you like about their
company, it’s products or services. What is driving you to want to work for them?
Have you always had a lifelong goal of working at Google, or Goldman Sachs?
This is your chance to express why you want to be a member of their team and
most importantly the contributions you feel you’ll make as a loyal employee.
This question helps weed‐out desperate job seekers who are just looking for a
job, not a lifelong career.

  1. Can we offer you a career path? Reply: "I believe you could, once I know the normal progression within the organization. Can you tell me about it?" The answer may be revealing.

  2. What are your greatest strengths? Give a response like one of the following: "I can see what needs to be done and do it", "I''m wiling to make decisions", "I work well with others," "I can organize my time efficiently."

  3. What are you greatest weakness? Identify one or two, such as the following:" I tend to drive myself too hard", " I expect others to perform beyond their capacities", " I like to see a job done quickly, and I''m critical if it isn''t." Note these weaknesses could also be regarded as desirable qualities. The trick with this question is to describe a weakness so that it could also be considered a virtue.

  4. What didn''t you like about previous jobs you''ve held? Discuss the things you didn''t like, but avoid making slighting reference to any of your former employers.

  5. How do you spend your leisure time? Mention a cross section of interests-active and quiet, social and solitary -- rather just one.

  6. Are there any weaknesses in your education or experience? Take stock of your weaknesses before the interview. Practice discussing them in a positive light. You''ll find that they are minor when discussed along with all the positive things you have to offer.

  7. Where do you want  to be five years from now? Saying that you''d like to be president is unrealistic, yet few employers want people who are content to sit still. You might say, "in five years, I''d like to have my boss''s job. " If you can''t qualify for your boss''s job by then, you may not be the fright candidate.

  8. What are your salary expectations? If you are asked this at the outset, it''s best to say, "Why don''t we discuss salary after you decide whether I''m right for the job? "But if the interviewer asks this after showing real interest in you, speak up. She or he will probably try to meet your price. If you need a clue about what to ask for, say, " Can you discuss your salary range with me?"

  9. What would you do if....? This question is designed to test your reposes. For example: "What would you do if your computer broke down during an audit?" Your answer there isn''t nearly so important as your approach to the problem. And a calm approach is best. Start by saying, "One thing I might do is ..." Then give several alternative choices.

  10. What type of position are you interested in? Job titles and responsibilities vary from firm to firm . So state your skills instead, such as "I''m good at figure work," and the positions that require these skills , such as "accounts payable."

  11. Tell me something about yourself. Say you''ll be happy to talk about yourself, and ask what the interviewer wants to know. If this point is clarified, respond. If not, tell why you feel your skills will contribute to the job and the organization. This question gives you a great opportunity to sell yourself.

  12. Do you have any questions about the organization or the job? Employers like a candidate who is interested in the organization. so this is a perfect time to convey your interest and enthusiasm.

DO THIS when answering: Why do you want to work here?

  • Tell them what you like about their business. Is it their products,
    reputation, services? Whatever it is, express your genuine interest.
  • This is a great time to compliment them on their products or reputation.
  • Dig deep to find out what it is that attracts you to them and express this.

Q: Can you sell yourself in two minutes? Go for it.


  • Don’t tell them you like their location.
  • Don’t tell them you heard that they pay well and have great benefits.
  • Don’t tell them because you heard it’s a great place to work.
  • Don’t tell them because your friends work there.
  • Don’t tell them you want to work here to get some experience.

(你能在两秒钟內自己推荐呢?大胆尝试吧!卡塔尔国 A: With my qualifications and experience, I feel I am hardworking, responsible and diligent in any project I undertake. Your organization could benefit from my analytical and interpersonal skills.(依笔者的身价和涉世,作者以为本身对所从事的每一种项目都很拼命、担当、勤苦。笔者的分析技巧和与人相处的技术,对贵单位必有价值。)

Don’s advice for you:

Try to connect your reason for wanting to work there with
something personal or emotional. Maybe when you were a kid, you saved akitten from harm and it made you feel good and since that moment on you
knew you always wanted to help animals and that’s why you want to be a vet.

 Q:Give me a summary of your current job description. (对你近年来的干活,能或不可能做个包涵的证实。) A:I have been working as a computer programmer for five years. To be specific, I do system analysis, trouble shooting and provide software support. (作者干了四年的Computer技师。具体地说,小编做系统一分配析,消逝问题以致软件供应方面包车型地铁支撑。)Q:Why did you leave your last job?(你为啥离职呢?) A: Well, I am hoping to get an offer of a better position. If opportunity knocks, I will take it.(作者愿意能收获意气风发份越来越好的干活,倘使机会来到,小编会抓住。卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎A:I feel I have reached the "glass ceiling" in my current job. / I feel there is no opportunity for advancement. (笔者以为日前的做事,已经达到规定的标准终点,即沒有晋升机遇。)

Sample answers to: Why Do You Want to Work Here:

  1. I’ve read great things about the work culture here. I live by a “work hard,
    play hard” motto which is something I can see this company embraces and
    I’m certain I’ll fit right in.
  2. I identify with this company on a personal level, using this [blank] product
    has changed my life. I genuinely want to share it with everyone and this
    role will allow me to do just that.
  3. It really appeals to me that you run this business with minimal staff because
    that means you have the most effective people working for you. I’m the
    type of person who enjoys wearing many hats, and working here would suit
    my ideal work ethic and allow me to feel like I’m making an impact in this
    company with my innovative ideas and creative strategies.

  4. Why Should We Hire You?

This question is your best opportunity to prove you are the best candidate for the
job. The key is to discover what they are looking for so you can tell them why you
are the best fit. Since you’ll be competing against many other seasoned
professionals, you need to articulate why your qualifications make you the only
person for the job.
Let them know that because you did [blank] in your last job, here is how you can
do [blank] for them in this job. Connect the dots for them and show them why
you are the best choice.
You will need to do some extensive research to know what the company is
looking for. The best place to get this information is the job description because
employers leave all kinds of clues in there. The best way to answer this Top 10interview question is by proving how you can help the company solve their

Q:How do you rate yourself as a professional?(你哪些评估和睦是位业爱妻士呢?)

DO THIS when answering: Why should we hire you?

  • Prove that you understand their problems and can help solve them.
  • Talk about your understanding of their business, competitors, and
    challenges in the industry.
  • Tell them how you have been successful before. Let them know that in your
    last job you were faced with similar problems and you solved them by
    doing [blank] and then explain how you can do [blank] for them. When you
    connect the dots like this and demonstrate your understanding of their
    business problems they will see you as the obvious solution to their

A: With my strong academic background, I am capable and competent. (依据自身理想的学术背景,笔者得以胜任本人的劳作,并且自个儿感到本人很有竞争性。卡塔尔A:With my teaching experience, I am confident that I can relate to students very well. (依笔者的教学资历,笔者三从四德能与学生相处的很好。)


  • Don’t give a vague answer.
  • Don’t tell them: “Because I’m the best.”
  • Don’t’ tell them: “Because you’re hiring.”
  • Don’t answer their question with a question.
  • Don’t be arrogant with your answer.

Q: What contribution did you make to your current (previous) organization?(你对前段时间/以往的事情业单位有什么进献?)

Don’s advice for you:

This is a great opportunity for you to sell yourself and why
you are the best person for the job. Get your resume and put it next to the job
description and draw lines from the job description duties and requirements to
your resume and then talk about your experience as a solution to their
problems. And that’s why they should hire you.

A: I have finished three new projects, and I am sure I can apply my experience to this position. (笔者已经做到三个新类型,小编相信自个儿能将小编的经历用在这里份职业上。)

Sample answers to: Why Should We Hire You?

  1. I know that reaching your audience in this industry can be challenging.
    What I bring to the table is the youth to reach the younger audiences and
    the knowledge and experience to impress the more mature customers.2. From what I understand, this role is very time consuming. I am more than
    willing to put in long hours to get the job done. At my last job I was known
    for being the first one in the office and the last one to leave.
    I always review my work twice before sending it to production. Throughout my
    career this has proven to be the key to producing quality work as there have been
    several times I have found errors on my second review. I take great pride in producing
    quality work.

  2. Where Do You See Yourself 5 Years From Now?

Many job seekers are afraid to answer this Top 10 question because an answer
that is inconsistent with the current position could disqualify them. But at the
same time, who wants to be doing the same thing for the next five years? The
best and safest way to answer this question should be based on the logical
progression of the position you are interviewing for. That way you’re showing
them you want to do the current job at hand, but as you get better at it, you
would like to take on more responsibility and grow in that position.

Q:What do you think you are worth to us?(你怎么以为你对大家有价值啊?)

DO THIS when answer: Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • Your answer should reflect commitment to the job.
  • Give them a real plan for this position and where you see yourself going in
  • Show them how you’ll do it and the resources you’ll need along the way.
  • Prove you have solid plans on how to attain your future goal.
  • Since they are looking 5 years in the future, allow them to visualize you in
    this position 5 years from now. Show them a natural progression of you in
    this role.
  • Be realistic with your 5 year plan.

A:I feel I can make some positive contributions to your company in the future. (作者感觉笔者对贵集团能做些积极向上的贡献。)


  • Don’t tell them your plan is to use this position as a stepping stone in your
    career or they will feel like you are using them for your own personal gain.
  • Don’t give them an impossible, unrealistic 5 year plan.
  • Don’t tell them you want their job – that is far too threatening.
  • Don’t tell them you want to work here for a while and then move to
    another company that is your dream job.

Q:What make you think you would be a success in this position? (你什么样了解您能白手成家那份专门的学问?卡塔尔 A:My graduate school training combined with my internship should qualify me for this particular job. I am sure I will be successful. (作者在探讨所的演习,加上实习工作,使笔者切合那份专业。小编信赖本人能学有所成。)

Don’s advice for you:

Start with your short term career goals or goals for the
position and then move towards the long term and explain WHY that is the
direction you want to move in. If you don’t say why, it’s harder to figure out if
you are just sprouting off a meaningless answer or if your heart is really in it.
“In the short term, I plan to work as a [blank] and focus on [blank]. Then as I
progress in this role, I could see myself working into [blank] area.

 Q:Are you a multi-tasked individual?(你是一人能够同有时间负责数项专门的学问的人吗?) or Do you work well under stress or pressure?(你能接收专门的工作上的压力呢?) A:Yes, I think so. A:The trait is needed in my current(or previous) position and I know I can handle it well. (这种特点就是本人当下(先前卡塔尔专门的学业所急需的,笔者晓得自身能十全十美。)

Sample answers to: Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

  1. In five years I would expect to have been successful in this position to the
    point that I am able to impact major department decisions. At that time I
    would be looking to take my career to the next level and become a team
  2. Five years from now I hope to have been able to build this position to
    oversee more clients and to become a senior consultant. I work every day
    to become worthy of having my dream job and I would bring that
    determination to this team every day.
  3. My plan is to build up this position as much as possible. I value the power of
    the individual to grow where they stand. In five years I plan to look back
    knowing I did my best to leave this position better than how I came into it.

  4. What is Your Biggest Accomplishment?

Though many believe this is the same as the other Top 10 question, “What is your
strength?” it’s actually a completely different question. Here’s why: An
accomplishment is a noteworthy high‐profile task or project that you worked on
or completed. Basically, you accomplished something and it may or may not have
played to your strengths.
Your strengths might be in managing people, but your biggest accomplishment
was writing a paper that was published in Scientific America Magazine. Do you
see the difference?

Q:What is your strongest trait(s)?(你天性上最大的性状是什么?)

DO THIS when answering: What is your biggest accomplishment?

  • It is best to talk about a noteworthy accomplishment that is aligned to the
    requirements for the job you are applying to.
  • Treat this like a behavioral question and use the STAR Behavioral method to
    answer it. Set up the Situation, then talk about what you did (the Action)
    and then about the Results of what you, your project, or team
  • It is best to use a work‐related story, but if you’re out of good stories,
    consider using a personal accomplishment as a last resort.

A:Helpfulness and caring.(解衣推食和关切别人。卡塔 尔(英语:State of Qatar) A:Adaptability and sense of humor.(适应技艺和风趣感。卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎ A:Cheerfulness and friendliness.(乐观和挚爱。卡塔尔


  • Don’t think that you need a grand accomplishment where you saved your
    last company from failure.
  • Don’t use a personal accomplishment unless absolutely necessary.
  • Avoid using an accomplishment that does not cast you as the hero.
  • Avoid using an accomplishment that is not related to your career.

 Q: How would your friends or colleagues describe you?(你的恋人或同事如何形容你?卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎

Don’s advice for you:

Pick something you did in your career that has meaning to
you and helped your last or current employer. Pick something you enjoyed
doing and it made you feel good about doing it. Optimally, pick an example that is related to the job, your career, or the type of company you are interviewing

 A: (pause a few seconds) (稍等几分钟再答,表示稳扎稳打。) They say Mr. Chen is an honest, hardworking and responsible man who deeply cares for his family and friends. (他们说陈先生是位诚实、职业全力,负总责的人,他对家竹秋朋友都很敬服。) A:They say Mr. Chen is a friendly, sensitive, caring and determined person. (他们说陈先生是位很友善、敏感、关切旁人和有决心的人。)

Sample answers to: What is Your Biggest Accomplishment?

  1. In my last position I created a color‐coded system to track our progress
    with each project. After a few months my boss was impressed by the
    success of the program and it is now used company‐wide.
  2. As an entry‐level consultant I was able to land a huge account that ended
    up being a game‐changer for the company. I worked with that client one‐
    on‐one for several months, boosting the company’s reputation.
  3. At my previous job I set the record for the number of rewards cards signed
    up for by an individual employee. I found that if I could discover a personal
    reason for the customer to sign up they almost always did.

  4. What is Your Biggest Weakness?

Most people are afraid of this question because you are being asked to talk about
something you are not good at. But if you’re like everyone else, you have a lot of
weaknesses, even I do, so don’t sweat it.
There are three good ways to answer this Top 10 interview question:
1.) Talk about a weakness and what you have done to overcome it; show them
how you have turned into a strength.
2.) Talk about a weakness that isn’t related to the job, perhaps a personal
3.) Talk about a weakness as it’s a weakness for you, but the interviewer will see it
as a strength. That’s my personal favorite way to answer this question.

Q:What personality traits do you admire?(你赏识哪个种类性情的人?)

DO THIS when answering: What is your biggest weakness?

  • When talking about your weakness, show what you have done to overcome
    it so it’s not a weakness anymore.
  • Talk about a weakness that is not related to the job.
  • Talk about a weakness so that your interviewer sees it as a strength.

 A: (I admire a person who is卡塔尔国honest, flexible and easy-going. (诚实、不呆板况且便于相处的人。)


  • Don’t say that you don’t have any weaknesses, personal or otherwise.
  • Don’t tell your interviewer that you are perfect in your work and have no
  • Don’t tell them a real weakness because chances are it’s not really a
    weakness at all and you are just being overly critical of yourself. Don’t
    worry, we all are.
  • Don’t tell them your weakness is a lack of tolerance for people who ask
    stupid questions. One day, I’m going to say that, really